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Characteristics DVII2015U
1. Storage System:  carrying case designed to supply better protection and easier transportation with an anatomic handle, double latches and security key lock.

2. Focusing Training Device:  device designed so that through two synthetic (artificial) eyes one blue (clear eye) and one brown (dark eye) be allowed to perfect the center of the eye, the focus and the capture of the iris and/or sclera.

3. USB Signal Connection:  supplies a digital transmission of better quality and faster speed (standard in all computer systems).

4. Connections:  the connections (usb (digital signal) & power source) are located on the back of the camera for more convenience, versatility and security.

5. Better Digital Signal:  supplies better resolution and clearity in the capturing and handling of images.

6. Better Signal on the Fiber Optics:  our new fiber optics offers the user highest quality lighting.

7. Articulated Fiber Optics:  these new fiber optics are designed to allow the user to illuminate the desired area with complete precision, conserving the form and location that the user requires and determines.

8. Variable Selection of Illumination:  with the objective to obtain the perfect capture, either the signal from the left or right fiber optic may be selected each with complete independence and/or if the user desires both fiber optics, obtaining complete illumination control.

9. Adjustable selection of the independent illumination intencity:  this equipment is designed to adjust the intencity of the light quality with complete individuality, so that each fiber optic accomplishes a magnificant illuminatio along the entire outline of the ris and/or sclera, allowing the capture with low illumination intencity obtaining a higher quality image including a comfortable capture, avoiding unnecessary discomfort to the client.

10. Adjustable System and Telescopic Stabilization:  this equipment has been designed so it may be used on its base, which can be rested on a desk or table. It can also be used with its legs completely extended, which due to their telescopic design they can virtually be adjusted to the desired height and position. In addition and as a result, our model DV2015U counts with high stability and

11. Versatility for the Image Capture:  the capture of the image may be comfortably taken from the capture button located on the camera base on the posterior of the focusing rail area or from the program with a "mouse" click on the capture window in the "acquire" area or by actioning the "spacer" of your computer system's keyboard.

12. RCA and S-Video connection:  this equipment is designed and supplied with a system for simultaneous projection which trhough these connections we can install a monitor, television and/or video and also record the images conserving a record for yourself, your client and/or audience in audio and video.

With 60 years of investigation and development we have completely redesigned  our system to provide instant capture, safe for the client and very easy to use, supplying maximum benefit of your time plus complete comfort to your client.  Our  DVII2015U  System is completely designed to obtain a high quality capture through our patented illumination system; with more than 180,000 fiber optics designed to create close up photography thus obtaining a macro depth of field of the Iris and/or Sclera of the eye.  This exclusive illumination system of high intensity cold lighting "captures" with highest resolution the profound detail in each area in question of examination offering protection and comfort to the eyes against the dangerous ultraviolet rays produced by all the flashes used in photography.  Finally, our capture system which works with 120 Volts A/C, is light, resistant, durable and can be used in-doors as well as out-doors; it's completely portable, very easy to assemble and disassemble and can be taken with you anywhere you'd like (available in 220 Volts A/C).
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